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Carpet Cleaning

  We have been providing professional Carpet Cleaning over a dozen year in Alaska Anchorage. With these over thousands experience of carpet cleaning, we have been satisfying our repeat customers. We may not cheapest carpet cleaning company in Alaska Anchorage. However, we dare say that we have the confidence to make you as our repeat customer.

     Every time we clean the carpet, we vacuum first and move some not too heavy furniture or obstacle to clean.

- Solution & Spot Remover


  After vacuum, we spread a powerful solution with the fragrance of mint and then find some stains and use our own spot remover that is not on the market.

- Power Head

  This awesome machine that calls 'Power-head' is our executive one in Anchorage. It has iron hooks on its lower part and they are spinning fast strongly on the carpet. It makes 'Power-head' pull dog's and cat's tangled hair out and also remove stains out. Here is a video of 'Power-head' :

*It might be able to be skipped depends on the kind or condition of the carpet.


- Rinsing

  2 lines are connected from the van mounted engine to our wand. One of them is for the hot water and the other one is for the suction. That is how the wand is able to spread extremely hot water and suck the water out deeply at the same time. It rinses the carpet with the hot water and kill the bacterium as a last part of the cleaning.

- Drying

  Drying time averagely takes for 3~4 hours to dry depends on the types of carpet and condition of weather. Turning the heater on is very helpful to dry the carpet faster. Please don't forget to place the furniture after the carpet is completely dried.

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