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1. How long is it going to take for Cleaning and Drying?

- It depends on the condition of the carpet. But usually, Cleaning carpet is going to take for 1 hour ~ 2 hours and drying is going to take for 3~4 hours.

2. What are the office & service hours?

- Our Office hours are 9AM to 5PM, Mon~Sat.
Service hours for carpet cleaning are 9AM to Mid-night, Mon~Sat and
Hours for Water, Fire Damage are 24-hours, 7days a week.

3. Do you vacuum before cleaning the carpet?

- Yes, we do vacuum before cleaning the carpet.

4. I have an allergy and have a pet. Is it going to be a problem for cleaning?

- No. Our Solution we spray on the carpet is made by 'Natural resourse'. However just in case, please let us know you have an allergy and then we will suck the solution out deeply.

5. Do you move a funiture to clean the carpet?

- Yes. We move the funitures if it requires. But we won't be able to move too heavy one such as a bed.

6. I have rugs or chairs. Can i bring them to the office and pick up later?

- Of course you can. It is going to take a few hours to a day and it should be cheaper than what we visit.





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